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You don’t have to figure this out on your own. Our approach is designed to demystify the job search process, help you sharpen your skills, and build a strategy so you can feel confident as you navigate this next phase.

The TMC Group has supported hundreds of people to find their ideal job.  With ten years of experience and a proven success rate, we have a job search methodology that will get you results.

Our Process

You will be partnered with one of our reputable career coaches. They will work with you one-on-one to hone the skills you need to land a job that makes you feel fulfilled, working for a company you are proud to be a part of.

You will:

Identify and address hurdles in your current job hunt

Adapt an intentional strategy to your approach

Sharpen your skills as a candidate through our tried-and-true toolbox

Design your resume and other tools that tell your story

Define an interviewing approach that is authentic to you

Feel confident and empowered to make your next move


What Makes an Ideal Candidate?

We believe that the ideal candidate is:

  • Looking to evolve

    Successful candidates are done with the status quo and are motivated to try a new way to find the right job for them.

  • Proactive in their own success

    The most successful candidates are those that are willing to commit to the work. We provide all of the tools and guidance candidates need to create a personalized path forward.

  • Trusting of the process

    This is not the classic approach to finding a job, but together, we help candidates determine what it is they are most passionate about and how best to apply that passion in to their next role or career.

From Previous Candidates

“This makes so much sense. If I had this information I would’ve had a job by now”

- Brandon N. 

“The TMC Group cares about their clients (both sides) and are the perfect matchmakers. They saw potential in me that I hardly saw, and had they not reached out to bring that to my attention and present me my dream opportunity, I might not have realized it for a while. Thank you for getting me to where I'm at today!”

– Ashley Massa

“The communication with The TMC Group was easy and heartfelt from the get-go. I felt heard and cared for as an individual more than a potential payoff. Additionally, I had yet to come across a recruiter that was versed in the creative/event industry.”

- Joe R

"Thank you for sharing this resume portfolio example.  I can't express how appreciative I am of the time you spent with me today.  The tips and suggestions you gave for how best to present myself are invaluable and I'm excited to start revising my resume and creating my resume portfolio."

- Eileen C

Meet The TMC Group

We get it because we’ve been there.

We know what you’re going through because not only have we been through it ourselves, but we have helped countless others just like you. What we learned is that life is so much better when you are in the right job and are proud of the company you work for. So we refined our job search approach and founded The TMC group - a woman-owned executive search and career consulting firm.

With over 10 years of brand and agency experience and a proven methodology, we have helped hundreds of candidates find their next career move. We would love to teach you our most successful job search strategies and techniques.


Toni Carrozzo
CEO and Founder


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Bruce Weinstein
Head Recruiter

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